What type of knickers should I wear?

Knickers are an essential garment in every woman’s wardrobe, as it can affect the final outcome of your final look depending on whether you’ve chosen the style of panties that feel best and are most suitable each occasion. This season at OYSHO you can find trendy panties that best suit your body, taking factors such as size, fabric and shape into account.

Brazilian knickers:

a middle ground between thongs and cheeky panties, wide at the front and V-shaped at the back.

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Cheeky panties:

wide at the front with full bottom coverage. Cheekies are comfortable and ideal for women with curves.

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Hipster panties:

low rise panties that are wide at the front and slightly low-cut at the back. Hipster briefs are perfect for women with wide hips and rounded thighs.

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High-waisted knickers:

high-waisted briefs sit at the waist, covering the hip and bottom. A comfortable garment that flatters the figure.

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Classic panties:

wide at the front and fully covering the bottom. Classic knickers have endured the test of time for being comfortable and suited to all types of women.

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thong panties (also its mini version) give the least bottom coverage so no panty lines are visible, making them perfect to wear with tight-fitted clothing.

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reach above the waist, covering the hips and bottom. They shape the figure without compromising on comfort.

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Maternity knickers:

during pregnancy, panties need to adapt to the woman’s changing body. Maternity briefs gently adapt to the growing belly without tightening it, allowing the mother-to-be to stay comfortable.

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