Heated jacket

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Recycled polyamide is produced using polyamide waste reclaimed from other garments, thus reducing consumption and production of virgin fibre. Recycled polyester padding is made from plastic, like that used in water bottles. The material is collected, sorted and cleaned before being recycled into a new fibre, thus reducing plastic waste and the production of virgin fibre.


Heated jacket with three heated areas: front, back or both. It has a battery which allows the wearer to select the area to heat, as well as three temperature settings: high, medium and low. The battery can be used to charge the wearer’s phone and other devices wirelessly or using a cable in one of the three available ports. It can be used as an independent exterior charger. Front zip fastening and zipped side pockets. Hood detail. Water-repellent. This garment has been laboratory tested against extreme temperatures between -20º and +10º.