How to wash your clothes from OYSHO

At OYSHO we use delicate, soft and high quality materials in the manufacturing of our garments. Following certain guidelines when washing delicate clothes will prolong their durability and good condition

How to wash lingerie and underwear

Our feminine lingerie is made with the most delicate materials and fabrics to protect the skin and maintain hygiene. It is essential to follow a few simple steps when washing underwear to keep them looking brand new:

  • Observe label instructions
  • Do not wash undergarments with other clothing
  • Hand wash if possible; if not, use the delicate cycle on the washing machine
  • Use a lingerie wash bag suitable for washing machines, especially for bras and garments with lace
  • Wash with neutral or specific detergents for delicate garments, and do not use bleach
  • Wash at a temperature below 30°C
  • Avoid dry cleaning and tumble dryers
  • Avoid ironing garments with lace

Washing bras requires special care because of their laborious design and high maintenance. Without proper washing and drying we run the risk of deforming them and damaging the hooks, underwire or padding

When washing knickers or nightgowns with lace, it is important to do it by hand and avoid ironing so that they do not fray or lose their shape

It is also recommended that you hand wash delicate fabrics such as silk or satin, or use a very gentle cycle

Cotton and synthetic fibres such as polyester or modal fibres, on the other hand, are more resistant to machine washing and ironing, but always at the temperature indicated on their labels

How to wash sportswear

One of the main concerns people have when washing sportswear is effectively eliminating odours and sweat stains without damaging the garment

It is important to wash such clothing immediately after use to avoid the reproduction of bacteria that causes bad smells

It is recommended to use specific detergents to eliminate odours and avoid softeners as they can damage some fabrics. Dry them outdoors in the shade, as the sun wears out the colours.

How to wash swimsuits and bikinis

To avoid deterioration of the fabrics and colours of swimwear, it’s important to rinse them with cold water to remove the salt from the sea or chlorine from the pool

When washing swimwear thoroughly, it is advisable to use detergents for delicate clothing; do not use softeners and avoid hot water

This way, their fabrics will not lose elasticity and the colours will not wear out

What do the laundry symbols on my clothes mean?

It is essential to follow the instructions on the laundry labels of your clothes when washing them

These are the most important symbols you will find on OYSHO clothing:

  • Wash by hand at a maximum temperature of 40°C
  • Do not use any bleach
  • Machine dry at low temperature
  • Iron at low temperature – max 110ºC
  • Dry clean with perchloroethylene