Gift Receipt


What is a Gift Receipt?

A Gift Receipt allows you to send an order as a gift to whomever you’d like, without the price appearing on the receipt or on the labels of the chosen items. Plus, you can also add a personal message to the order.

However, the person receiving the gift may only return or exchange the gifted item(s) in a physical store. The amount of the returned items will be refunded in the form of a Store Voucher.


· How can I place an online order that includes a Gift Receipt?

If you want to send an order as a gift, simply click on the option Is it a gift? that appears when processing your order. This option is not available if you purchase a Gift Card.


· Can I include a personal message for the recipient in the order?

Of course. When selecting the option of a Gift Receipt, you’ll be able to type a short message that we’ll print out and include in your order.


· The recipient; how will he or she know that they’re receiving a gift?

When completing your purchase, we recommend that you include the telephone number of the recipient of the gift so that he or she can track the order. We don’t recommend entering the recipient's email as, in this case, he or she will also receive the standard notifications where prices are indicated. If you prefer, you can enter your own details so that you are the person receiving all information relevant to the order's status.


· How long does the gift recipient have to return or exchange an item?

For returns, you have 1 month from the date that appears on the same Gift Receipt.


· How can the Store Voucher received be used?

For returns, you have 1 month from the date that appears on the same Gift Receipt.


· How can I check the balance of a Store Voucher?

Under the menu titled “Gift Card” - “Balance”. You’ll then have to enter the 16 digit number and the CVV (3 digits).


· Can I receive the refund via the same payment method used at time of purchase?

Of course. To do so you’ll simply need to return using the original receipt, invoice or QR code, instead of the Gift Receipt. You’ll find all documents in your OYSHO.COM account, and you can either print them out or show them from the screen of your mobile device.