What type of sportswear should I wear?

Gym wear designs are becoming increasingly detailed and specific thanks to the advancement of technology. Today, we have a whole variety of activewear to choose from depending on the characteristics of each sport.


feeling comfortable and relaxed are fundamental when practicing yoga. Lightweight, elastic sports bras will give you the freedom of movement to perform the various postures. Yoga clothes at OYSHO adapt perfectly to the body, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the sport.

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Breathable and quick drying workout clothes are ideal for workouts and indoor sports that combine strength and endurance. For high impact sports such as running or spinning, the ideal option is a high strength sports bra that holds your chest in place and minimises movement without squeezing it. For lower intensity activities such as walking on the treadmill or lifting weights, medium support bras are recommended.

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For outdoor sports, it is advisable to choose your clothing according to the weather conditions. When looking for winter sportswear, choose insulated clothing that keeps you warm, such as ultra-lightweight quilted jackets that help regulate your body temperature. In warmer weather, protection from the sun is essential. Lightweight and breathable summer sportswear with UV protection is recommended.

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sports clothing to wear before and after your workout sessions. With modern designs and extra comfort, they are perfect for daily use. Find mesh trainers, velvet sweatshirts, quilted jackets or leggings with transparencies.

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basic sportswear perfect for combining with the latest trends. Their neutral colours and modern lines will adapt to any style.

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