SHOP ONLINE, PAY USING MULTIBANCO landing-multibanco Place your order on OYSHO.COM and pay for it at your nearest Multibanco establishment
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Add the items to your basket

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Select Multibanco payment as your “payment method”

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You will receive an email with the reference number, the bank entity and the amount to pay for your order

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Pay the amount due at your Multibanco establishment using the Purchases/Services option and the information provided in the confirmation email: reference number, bank and amount to pay

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You have 72 hours to pay. Once this period has transpired, your order will be cancelled


The process for exchanges or returns will be carried out via bank transfer and by following these steps:

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Make the request for the order you want to return.

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Once the return has been approved and processed correctly, you will receive an email containing this information.

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To proceed to payment, you will receive two emails with the required steps.

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The first email contains a link and the second a security reference number

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Click on the link in the first email and enter the security reference number provided in the second email you received

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Once this process is complete, the payment will be made via transfer