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5. When you choose as payment method "cash on delivery", please be informed that in case of return of items purchased, it would be necessary for you to provide certain additional data, that would be process solely for the purpose of reimbursing the price, as your bank account details and such bank account information – in case necessary - could be disclosed to third parties working for cross boarder bank transfer including but not limited to the transfer banks;

We, being in charge of the file, undertake to keep your personal information confidential and to ensure the exercise of your access, rectification, cancellation and objection rights by sending a letter to the above referred addresses or to the registered address of Inditex, S.A., as provided in the paragraph below, for the attention of "Función LOPD" or by e-mail to

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after you provide us with the corrected (updated, modified) personal data;
as per the request of an authorized federal executive body for the protection of rights of the subjects of personal data or other authorized state bodies;
in other cases stipulated by applicable legislation;

The rendering of personal data anonymous, blocking, deletion and destruction of personal data can be arranged in the cases and for the reasons stipulated by applicable legislation.

To achieve the objectives indicated in section 4 above, we may need to disclose, cross-border processing or transfer the information that you have provided to us to the holding company of the Inditex group (Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A.), to Fashion Retail, S.A. (the online sale company of the group in Spain), both with registered addresses at Avenida de la Diputación, Edificio Inditex, 15142 Arteixo, A Coruña (Spain) and to certain other companies that are part of the Inditex group in Spain (with activities related to the sectors of e-commerce, decoration, textiles, finished clothing products and home decoration, as well as other complimentary sectors such as cosmetics and leather goods). You are hereby informed that by registering and providing us with information via this website, you are expressly authorising us to make these disclosures and/or transfers to the aforementioned companies of the Inditex group.
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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that a website places in your PC, telephone or any other device, with information on your navigation in that website. The cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and to make it friendlier and they do not damage your computer. Although in this policy the general term cookies is used since it is the principal method of storing information that this website uses, the browser's "local storage" space is used for the same purposes as the cookies. In this regard, all the information included in this section is also applicable to this "local storage".

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