CARE FOR COMMUNITY We’re continuously working on every level to guarantee a minimum environmental impact 
We want our clothes to care equally for those who wear them, those who make them and the planet on which they were created.
Suppliers We’ve developed a programme of traceability that allows us to know where and how our apparel has been produced. To guarantee there is care and respect for workers’ conditions, our product safety levels and production standards at every stage of our chain of production, we’re implementing a programme that lets us know how and where all our clothes have been cut, dyed, washed and created. Thanks to this traceability programme and continuous collaboration with our providers, we’re working to guarantee that we only collaborate with suppliers who comply with our code of conduct. Supply chain traceability noun_Arrow_1610924Created with Sketch.APOSTAMOS POR UN FUTURO RESPETUOSO CON ELPLANETA.INFORMACIÓN SOBRE JOIN LIFE
Stores The majority of our stores (98%) are energy efficient. We’ve developed an energy efficiency store manual which defines the standards for design, construction and management of our stores to reduce their water and energy consumption. We’re working with the US Green Building Council to ensure our stores reach maximum levels of energy-efficiency. The US Green Building Council is an ONG that promotes sustainability in the design, construction and functioning of buildings. We’ve implemented packaging optimisation programmes which avoid the use of 11 million plastic hangers and represent a saving of 153,000 kilos of plastic annually.
Help us to recycle #recycle #RECYCLE #JOINLIFE Bring any unwanted clothes to our stores and drop them in the collection containers. We currently have this service in selected stores and we’re continuously working so that you’ll soon be able to drop off your clothes for us to recycle in any of our stores worldwide. All clothes collected through our network of stores in Spain are donated directly to Cáritas where they are separated and classified so each of the garments can reach the most suitable destination.
We Reuse and Recycle We’re lengthening the useful life of our boxes, bags, hangers and alarms by reusing them until it’s time to recycle them so the volume of waste is reduced.
Packaging ENVELOPES 25% recycled paper from 100% sustainable forests 100% recyclable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certification CARDBOARD BOXES 100% recycled paper 100% recyclable Certificate of Compliance with European Directive 94/62/EC FABRIC BAGS Made from 100% recycled plastics Reusable bags
COMMUNITY SUPPORT We collaborate on social projects aimed at developing the community Our social initiatives are focused on efforts to further social welfare, education and humanitarian aid.
Social Welfare Education Humanitarian Aid
Events We’re helping our customers participate in the Join Life initiatives through events.
100% recycled fabric T-shirts Oysho Yoga circular economy 100% recycled plastic bags
Our aim is for our products to become increasingly more sustainable #JOINLIFE #RECYCLE
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