Belted SKI leggings

299.00 GEL

Ref. 1218/828



We’re reducing our environmental impact. We design our clothes with sustainable fabrics. We produce our collections using responsible processes.


Leggings with front zip and button fastening. Removable belt with magnetic fastening. Front zip pocket details.

The structure of the fabric allows air and moisture to pass through it to keep you drier and more comfortable. The double-layer fabric combines a water-repellent outer coating and an inner membrane that allows air and moisture to pass through it, making it highly breathable and protecting against water. The fabric used in this garment has a four-way stretch, widthways and lengthways, providing space for movement. Garment with brushed inner layer that provides a warm feeling. This garment has been laboratory tested to withstand extreme temperatures between +8º and -17º.