SELF CARE A selection of personal care products
An extra-absorbent quality in 100% cotton wafle
Skin Care GUA SHA Gua sha is a natural alternative technique that consists of massaging the skin with pieces of quartz to improve circulation.
The rose quarts stone who enhances your daily facial care
Massage the forehead, eye area, cheek, chin and neck
Nuori is a Danish brand whose central concept is “Fight for Fresh” with a philosophy of providing freshness in all their products. Nuori creates the purest formulas using 100% natural ingredients with no chemical substances, which elevates their efficiency. Exposure to air, light and bacteria is restricted by their innovative protective packaging.
Protect + Cleansing Milk
Gently cleanses the skin while helping alleviate dryness and dehydration without leaving a weighty after-feel. Offers daily protection against environmental stress and extreme temperature changes and helps prevent visible signs of collagen breakdown. Diminishes the appearance of redness, inflammation, and surface irritation.
Key Ingredients Complex of avocado oil, castor seed oil, and natural glycerin With dual functionality these ingredients both alleviate dryness and dehydration while gently cleansing the skin. Bioactivated lipids from sustainable shea butter With protecting, soothing and restoring properties, these lipids significantly decrease collagen breakdown and dramatically reduce the effects of environmental stressors. Aloe vera and chamomile flower With their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, these ingredients combat redness, inflammation and surface irritation.
How to use? Dispense four to five pumps into palm of hand and massage gently onto face, neck and decolleté. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.
PROTECT + CLEANSING MILK Cleanser rich in natural oils, aloe vera and apple, that gently cleans the skin while it helps relieve dryness and dehydration.
Vital Foaming Cleanser
Key Ingredients Fermented pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract Non-abrasive exfoliating agents that are excellent at dissolving dead skin cells and deliver antioxindant protection. Oat kernel extract and natural betaine The anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients calm and comfort the skin. Botanical glycerin Helps skin attract moisture and maintain the natural moisture balance.
How to use? Apply one to three pumps to dry skin, gently massage to form a creamy foam, rinse with tepid water. Follow with Vital Unifier and your preferred NUORI moisturizer. For a more thorough cleanse, leave on skin as a mini-mask for five minutes.
VITAL FOAMING CLEANSER Refreshing foam cleanser to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells.
Supreme Moisture Mask
Key Ingredients Natural hyaluronic acid This unique split form of the ingredient penetrates deeper into the skin and effectively restores the skin’s natural moisture levels. Botanical squalane, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil Nourish skin and deliver superb barrier protection thereby preventing moisture loss. Complex of shea butter and vitamins C and E Delivers antioxidant protection and effectively neutralizes damaging free radicals.
How to use? Dispense three to four pumps of Vital Facial Cream into your hands and apply to cleansed face, neck and decolleté daily. Increase application for dryer areas. Ideal both for under makeup and alone.
SUPREME MOISTURE MASK Moisturising face cream that replenishes the skin’s vitality and prevents the appearance of signs of aging.
Vital Facial Cream
Key Ingredients Grape and Damask rose waters and natural hyaluronic acid Deeply hydrate the skin and immediately restore moisture levels. Botanical squalane and betaine Effectively strengthen the skin's barrier function thereby preventing moisture loss and the penetration of potentially harmful substances such as allergens and pollutants. Chamomile extract and niacinamide (Vitamin B3) The soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients reduce irritation and redness. Niacinamide furthermore inhibits the production of melanin pigments, boosts collagen and elastin production, and improves microcirculation for a more radiant skin.
How to use? Apply a generous layer to cleansed face, neck and decolleté. Leave on for 10-15 minutes for an instant hydration boost, or use overnight for an intensified result. Rinse off with tepid water or gently wipe away excess product with damp cloth, to leave behind a protective veil. Use two to three times a week.
VITAL FACIAL CREAM A deeply hydrating mask, to restore flexibility and strengthening the skin.
Perfecting Facial Oil
Key Ingredients Organic rosehip oil and evening primrose oil Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, these oils have rejuvenating properties and nourish and balance the skin. Grape seed and apricot kernel oils With their lightweight properties, these ingredients absorb swiftly, deliver excellent hydrating benefits, and ensure skin is able to breathe. Vitamin E Delivers antioxidant protection and effectively neutralizes damaging free radicals.
How to use? Gently massage two to five drops to face and neck after cleansing. Dry/combination skin: Use morning and evening under your preferred NUORI moisturizer. Oily skin: Use in evening alone.
PERFECTING FACIAL OIL Face oil that restores the skin’s natural lipid balance.
Lip Treat
Key Ingredients Avocado, shea, and cocoa butter Deliver effective hydration with a light feel. Sweet almond and apricot oils Nourish and soften the delicate skin on lips. Berry and beeswax Seal in moisture and keep lips protected.
How to use? Apply Lip Treat New York to fingertip and smooth evenly over lips to hydrate and soften. Apply liberally as often as necessary.
LIP TREAT A combination of natural moisturising ingredients to nourish and soften dehydrated lips.
1 is a dual fragrance with lots of personality, combining a warm iris note with a hint of leather. Its base notes feature wood and amber notes. Eau de toilette also available.
FOREO is a Swedish brand who specialise in facial care with accessories to clean, hydrate and brighten the skin as well as stimulate collagen production.
BLACK LUNA Electronic facial cleansing device. Suitable for all skin types and designed to offer you a deeper clean.
PINK LUNA Electronic facial cleansing device. Suitable for all skin types and designed to offer you a deeper clean.
100ML MICRO FOAM CLEANSER This cream cleanser removes impurities, while the amino acids and vitamin E leave the skin looking fresh and healthy. Apply to damp skin and massage with your fingertips or with a wet LUNA device. Then rinse. For all skin types.
20ML MICRO FOAM CLEANSER This cream cleanser removes impurities, while the amino acids and vitamin E leave the skin looking fresh and healthy.
30ML SERUM SERUM SERUM Combines the antioxidant power of squalane and the moisturising power of hyaluronic acid.
Sisen provides aromatherapy that offers physical and emotional wellbeing with their 100% natural essential oils. Their ultrasonic diffuser creates an aromatic vapour with various benefits.
MOONGLADE - RELAX Scent profile Wood and citrus
COCOON - PROTECTION Scent profile Herbal and warm
AFTERGLOW - BALANCE Scent profile Spice and wood
HALO - BREATH Scent profile Balsam and menthol
Glacce promotes wellbeing improvement through the use of semi-precious hand-cut stones and quartz crystals in water bottles. Each crystal has its own unique frequency.
GLACCE™️ ROSE QUARTZ BOTTLE Glass water bottle with a removable crystal. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love.
GLACCE™️ AMETHYST BOTTLE Glass water bottle with a removable crystal. Amethyst is the stone of balance and protection.
GLACCE™️ CLEAR QUARTZ BOTTLE Glass water bottle with a removable quartz crystal . Clear Quartz is the stone of ultimate wisdom and total clarity.
Pack of two white sage smudge sticks, grown on the Californian coast. When burnt, the sage emits a purifying smoke that helps to purify and clean energies.
The accessories that makes your treatments easy
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